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Intercultural Readiness Check

If you are  looking to support your clients, students or employees in becoming interculturally more effective, you can now become certified to use the Intercultural Readiness Check.

The Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC) is a powerful internationally recognized tool for improving your intercultural effectiveness. Using the IRC’s unique methods, devised and refined by academics, practitioners and executives in major companies, will get you ready for today’s multicultural world.

Intercultural Readiness: The Four Competencies


Intercultural Sensitivity

How actively you are interested in other people, their cultural backgrounds, needs and perspectives

How much you notice when interacting with people from other cultures

Intercultural Communication

How mindful and self-reflective you are when communicating with other cultures

How effectively you adjust your style to meet the expectations and needs of people from different cultures

Building Commitment

How much you invest into developing relationships and diverse networks

How creative you are in developing solutions that satisfy the interests of different stakeholders

Managing Uncertainty

How well you deal with the complexities of greater cultural diversity—how comfortable you are in this complexity

How effectively you use cultural diversity as a source of learning and innovation—how diversity becomes your tool for creativity

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