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Team Readiness: Helping your team help itself

When did you last enjoy being part of a (culturally) diverse team? Diverse teams have three options: They may end up in conflict, they may perform like regular teams, or they may outperform such teams in creative and cooperative potential.

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Intercultural Sensitivity

When did you last check your Intercultural Sensitivity? Hard facts about a soft skill If you could choose between Knowing China’s Top 10 Do’s and Taboos and Sensing How Your Chinese Business Partner Feels Right Now: What would you choose?

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Stay focused and Learn from others

The more tools we have for connecting, the more distracted we get. We just started a good conversation, and the phone rings. We almost finished that brilliant thought, and a WhatsApp message plops up.

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Watching foreign films with friends

Heard of Intercultural Sensitivity? Watch a foreign film together According to the ‘Intercultural Readiness Check’, intercultural sensitivity is the first step towards successful multicultural interaction. We get to notice and explore deeper differences between…

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Find out about IRC Certification

If you are  looking to support your clients in becoming interculturally more effective, you can now become certified to use the Intercultural Readiness Check