Intercultural Business Improvement BV collects names and email addresses for the purposes of communicating with our Intercultural Readiness Check Licensees and promoting our assessment tool.

We retain and use contact details to update Licensees about new features and research, let people know when and where our upcoming certification courses are being held and to share interesting articles about intercultural competencies.

In September 2017 we established guidelines in response to § 9 of the Federal Data Protection Law (§ 9 BDSG) of Germany. The systems we have implemented provide strong data protection for our licensees, their clients and the information we collect, retain and use.  The protocols we follow include:

  • ensuring physical access is controlled and limited
  • ensuring digital access is controlled and limited
  • data being securely held

This website does not use cookies and we are not collecting any data from your visit to this site.

We request licensees keep us up-to-date with their contact details as features of the assessment tool may change from time to time as new research comes to light or developments and enhancements are added.  Please contact us if your details have changed.  If you wish to no longer use our assessment tool please let us know by contacting us.

Non-licensees can unsubscribe at anytime by clicking on the link in the footer of any email newsletter we send you.

We like to keep our email addresses up-to-date. Please contact us if your details have changed.

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